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Infinite Campus - Google Classrooms Integration


WolfeLink designed and developed an automated integration with Infinite Campus. WolfeLink utilized Infinite Campus OneRoster data, Google's Admin SDK and Google Classroom API's to seamlessly integrate Infinite Campus into Google Classrooms

Features of the integration:

  • Daily synchronization

  • Automatic Student account creation from Infinite Campus  into Google domain

  • Automatic Teacher account creation from Infinite Campus  into Google domain

    • Apply Teachers into Google Security Groups

  • Automatic Course creation from Infinite Campus into Google Classrooms​

    • Assign primary teacher of Infinite Campus to the Google Classroom​

  • Automatic student enrollment to Google Classes based on Infinite Campus enrollment courses


  • Windows Server

  • SQL Server Standard Edition

  • SQL Connection String to Infinite Campus (read writes)

  • Administrator account for Google domain

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