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Google GradeBook Sync


Google has released the ability for teachers to sync Classroom assignments and grades to student information systems that support the OneRoster API.

With the release of Gradebook Sync, Google will support syncing of assignments and grades between Google Classroom and the Infinite Campus Student Information System (SIS). 

Teachers will be able to sync their assignments and grades from Google Classroom back to the internal SIS gradebook.  This new integration removes dual grade entry — grades and assignments can be pushed with a few clicks directly to the student information system..

For administrators, this new integration means fewer tools teachers need to learn about and less room for error in grade entry.

It’s important to note that Google is not supporting roster syncing (creation or updating of Google Classrooms from the SIS) or guardian email syncing at this time.

Features in grade sync

Administrators can:

  • Establish a connection between your SIS and Google Classroom for their domain.  Note that currently this applies to Infinite Campus and CapitaSIMS, and for schools accepted to the closed beta.   Additional SIS providers that support the OneRoster API will likely be added later.

  • Configure sync settings that apply to Google Classroom teachers in their domain.  We don’t yet have any details on what configuration options are possible.

If enabled by the administrator, Teachers can:


  • Manually link existing Google Classroom classes to your SIS

  • Push assignments and grades from Google Classroom to the SIS

  • Unlink any linked class

Grade sync SIS data requirements
Syncing of grades for existing Classroom users to users in the SIS will rely on the email address field for users, so a valid G Suite email address must be maintained within the SIS for each student.

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